What is an IndigoLemon anyway?

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This blog has had many things dumped on it over the past few years, almost all of which have been geeky. So yeah, why break with tradition (as new as a given tradition may be).

I’m going to start posting stuff up here to do with my retro computer projects (although likely to be more Amiga focussed) as I’m learning a lot as I go (and these are things I fear I can easily forget again) – so why not document it!

Amiga 1200

My Amiga 1200 didn’t start out as mine, it arrived as part of a Desktop Dynamite pack in Christmas 1993 and was very much the family computer. Of course, at that point all my brother and I wanted to do with it was play games! Which we did. A lot.

My dad did actually use it as a computer however, typing up documents in Wordworth SE and printing them out on a Tandy Dot matrix printer (it was a noisy beast). All this was done while using a Philips 21″ TV as a monitor!

Eventually the inevitable happened, and in late 1996 the Amiga’s days were numbered as the search had begun for a replacement; an IBM compatible PC.

In 1997 a PC Science (where are they now?) machine arrived, running a Cyrix PR166+ processor at 133Mhz (yeah, we fell for the marketing, it was a learning experience to say the least).

Anyway, with the arrival of this new machine, the Amiga moved upstairs into my bedroom, where I pretty much ignored it as I wanted to play games on the shiny new PC downstairs. Sad times!

Eventually it dawned on me that I had a computer sitting right there, that no one else would fight me for use of, and that I’d never fully attempted to learn very much about.

I started prodding it a bit and then, well, that was it. The slippery slope was found, and here I am, almost 20 years later and the same machine is sitting right next to me.